We’re heartbroken.

He does still surprise me and he makes me hungry to work with him and see what he does and comes up with. [The Master] was something that I came up with because I wanted to spend more time with him. We’d worked together a lot, five times. But it was never enough. It was a supporting part or something like that. It never felt like we’d gotten super dirty enough together" - Paul Thomas Anderson


any questions? [x]

Finally made the covers for my ongoing Moon Collection.


Franz Kline

How did they get this picture of the inside of my brain?

Too bad we don’t have the full panorama. Just to the left you would see this:

This is Numbers the robot. My cousin’s 3-year-old child made it, and it is the best piece of art I’ve seen all year.

I just bought these terrifying masks.

Putting up a show and talking to students at Bowdoin College


Thrills in the Fun Triangle of Florida

It sure was thrilling to grow up in The Fun Triangle so close to the Planatarium.